Deividas, 27, Männlich, Litauen
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Product of WasteFuck Up Lieblingslied vor 11 Stunden
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AmoralDecrowning 19. Okt., 13:03
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Über mich

Swedish counter strikers metal band NOT SO SANE for promotion! \m/


I'm currently living in UK.


"I don't want to be the one, The battles always choose, 'Cause Inside I realise, That I'm the one confused!"


•Excessive plus mod player
•Pc gear nerd, unboxer
•Youtube video creator-beginner
•Basketball & football lover
•Not a trve metalhead :o but a huge fan


Son of egotistical love.

Socially awkward.


Stoned most of the time :V


I'm interested in things, that are brutal, nerdy, hardcore, weird.


I wanna meet people, who are connected with music in any way!


I absolutely love these:

Quake 3 Arena
Counter Strike: GO
Heroes of Might & Magic 3
Diablo 2
Dune 2000

Age of Empires
Age of Mythology
Age of Wonders
Alien Vs Predator
Call of Duty 1, 2
Command & Conquer
Company of Heroes
Half Life 2, EP1, EP2
Metro 2033
Resident Evil
Supreme Commander
Warhammer 40k

Eat - Sleep - Metal detector


Life is too short to get involved in your complexes :/


Mostly i listen to strange, dark, melancholic, dreamy music.


I prefer post/atmospheric black, sludge, stoner, crust, hardcore punk, progressive metal/rock, blues/psy/stoner/post rock bands in gigs!


Sometimes, while communicating, I may look, like i'm ignoring you, maybe i just didn't come up with what to say to you at the moment, or i got panic attack again, or i just muted myself for unknown reason, or..


To learn to be beautiful, compassionate, loving, caring, creative being.


Don't be weak.


Make a connection, not an impression.


Imagination, creativity, exploration, self-conciousness are desires


Trust that part of you which puts you on a journey, the longer it takes - the bigger the reward


NEVER ever stop express yourself, don't be a victim of others violence


I will treat myself better, will be with people who treat myself better, who help.



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