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Über mich

I play drums and listen to The Beatles!! Be my friend. :)

And Pet Sounds is my favorite album ever, music!!! :) haha

I've played the drums my entire life, as my dad is a part-time musician and my uncle a full-time musician. Many of my cousins are music or art teachers (or just teachers), or musicians. I have two older sisters who are music teachers. Music is and has always been my entire life. I would love nothing more than to be a "professional" drummer, but that might just mean I live in a trashcan for the rest of my life.

Fun facts: My Dad plays drums on a few songs from Dennis Wilson's second album "Bambu" with my Uncle (you can find these on the 2CD version of Pacific Ocean Blue). My dad also played on an album by Baron Stewart which was produced by Stu Cook (CCR bassist). My Uncle plays harpsichord on "Lady Lynda" by the Beach Boys, and toured with them and Randy Meisner.

"What I'm trying to say is that everybody's getting so excited about something that doesn't really exist-this whole idea of time turning and 2,000 years. I see time as an infinite thing, and I see Creation as an infinite thing, but Monday, Tuesday or the millennium just typify how mankind has to subdivide it up into things for future personal gain." - George Harrison

okay here are some groups / things I have seen live in concert.. off the top of my head..
James Taylor (first concert) - 3 or 4 times (once with Carole King)
Crosby Stills Nash (6 times /with Neil Young twice, four times without Neil Young)
David Crosby solo acoustic 2015, in Pittsburgh
Paul McCartney (6 times: Cleveland & Columbus 2002, Columbus 2005, Pittsburgh 2010, Cincinnati 2011, Pittsburgh 2014)
Beach Boys (5 times; Brian Wilson & Jeff Beck 2013, Brian Wilson with Al Jardine & David Marks 2013, reunion 2012, once Brian Wilson playing Pet Sounds, and once with only Mike Love and Bruce Johnston)
Bob Dylan - Tempest tour!
The Who (three times; all after John passed away. 2003- two days after John passed Greatest hits tour, 2005?- Endless Wire tour, 2013 Quadrophenia tour)
Robert Plant (he opened for the Who in 2002)
The Rolling Stones (2002/3 'Licks' tour - Also saw Charlie Watts solo doing jazz, sort of 'met' Charlie, as in I got an autograph and froze when i almost walked into him, and looked up. I was 10.)
The Rolling Stones 2015 "Zip Code" Tour promoting Sticky Fingers, Columbus and Pittsburgh. (both Stadium shows)
Fleetwood Mac (first in 2009? - second in 2013, first show of tour, neither with Christie McVie)
Eric Clapton 50 years in music tour 2013 with Willie Weeks & Steve Jordan
Eric Clapton & Steve Winwood (Blind Faith, sort of..)
Jack Bruce (Cream bassist/songwriter, with other "past rock stars" playing half Beatles half their own hits, like White Room for example..)
Jeff Beck (together & separate sets with Brian Wilson 2013)
Experience Hendrix tour (I met Billy Cox! from Woodstock/Band of Gypsys - 2010?)
Ringo Starr (2 times in 2011, once in 2014)
Ben Folds (I lost count of the times I've seen him but probably 9 or so times by now..)
Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band (this was Clarence Clemons' 3rd to last show ever, and they played all of Born To Run live in 2009?)
Bruce Springsteen solo (three times, two Obama rallies and one for John Kerry in 2004)
Jay-Z (an Obama rallies with Springsteen. They both played sets of about 30 minutes.)
Buddy Guy
B.B. King
Green Day (twice, the second time they played all of American Idiot live..)
The Temptations
Simon and Garfunkel ('Old Friends' reunion tour, 2005)
The Everly Brothers, played with Simon and Garfunkel
Elton John (twice)
Billy Joel (with Elton John, the second time I saw Elton)
Blink-182 (do they deserve to be on this list? I mostly wanted to see Weezer open for them but Weezer cancelled..)
Rush (three times; first time 2003? then Snakes and Arrows tour, and lastly the 'Moving Pictures' tour thing)
Cake (it rained at this one..free tickets, went with both my sisters!)
Yes (twice..once with Jon Anderson; once without him - also have met both Bill Bruford and Alan White)
Zappa Plays Zappa (Frank Z's kid, playing his dad's music)
Jimmy Eat World ('invented' tour..they were pretty lame live..)
Carly Simon (she had both her kids with James Taylor singing with her too)
Chick Corea (this was with that Zappa show..)
Billy Cobham (the incredible drummer)

and more that I forget or whatever it may be..oh well.
I've seen Clark Terry a few times back in the day (as in a few years ago) my dad was sort of friends with him, long story short, so I met him and joked around with him as a kid. I also met Butch Ballard, the drummer who plays on "Satin Doll" (incidentally that's my favorite Ellington song), and talked to him when I was in 6th grade (like 12 years old?).
New York Voices (like Manhattan Transfer, I'd say)
Butch Miles (drummer for Count Basie, etc)
Louie Bellson (another drummer great)
Kid Ory's trombone & toolkit from Armstrong's hot 5s/7s.
and probably more, I'm just tired and can't think of anymore.

I've seen Beethoven's 9th, Mahler's 1st, 'The Lark Ascending' by Ralph Vaughan Williams, Firebird by Stravinsky, 1812 and Nutcracker by Tchaikovsky...gosh I've been to my local Symphony a lot, so this list is pretty endless.

My Grandmother has told me her stories of seeing Gene Krupa, Buddy Rich, Frank Sinatra, The Dorsey Brothers, Glenn Miller, Duke Ellington, etc in New York City as a young girl going to dances - incredible! My family's love of music, to quote Paul McCartney, "goes back so far, it's in front of me."
Lastly, I was fortunate enough to speak on the phone with drummer Alvin Taylor, an absolute highlight of my life for me. His playing on George Harrison's 33 1/3 is amazing, as well as his work with Bob Welch, Elton John, Bill Withers. What a nice person.
I recently attended Clark Terry's funeral in New York City (Feb 2015). It was one of the most profound experiences in my life, along with seeing the Quincy Jones produced film: "Keep On Keepin' On." Some of my most cherished memories as a child are of few experiences with CT. The service was an unbelievable tribute to a greater man, with Roy Hargrove, Jimmy Heath and Wynton Marsalis with Jazz at the Lincoln performed "On the Trail," "Round Midnight" and "A Closer Walk with Thee" respectively. It was beautiful. We love you forever Clark Terry, Rest in Peace. 1920-2015.


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