Female vocalists

weibliche Vokalisten (Sängerinnen) Es handelt sich dabei nicht um ein Genre, wie vielleicht viele Kritiker vermuten. Es beschreibt eben nur das Lied/den Künstler. Bearbeiten Künstlerfoto: Mariah Carey

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Barb Wire DollsConcert The VU
Newhall( CA), Los Angeles, Vereinigte Staaten
34.380157 -118.528132
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St. Vincent
Sarah NeufeldConcert
Egyptian Room at Old National Centre
Indianapolis, Vereinigte Staaten
39.774849 -86.15059

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Marina & the DiamondsConcert Bogart's
Cincinnati OH, Vereinigte Staaten
39.129949 -84.508882

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Radney Foster
Bonnie BishopConcert
The Kessler Theater
Dallas TX, Dallas, Vereinigte Staaten
32.74943 -96.842563

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Where I Belong Tour
Tori KellyConcert
House of Blues
San Diego CA, Vereinigte Staaten
32.716489 -117.159995

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The BanglesConcert Troubadour
West Hollywood, Los Angeles CA, Vereinigte Staaten
34.08151 -118.389272
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  • JuniorMcCartney

    This person sings while simultaneously possessing a female genital tract.

    letzten Monat
  • PauloLochs

    fuck this unnecessary tag [2]

    letzten Monat
  • foxkhung

    fuck this unnecessary tag

    letzten Monat
  • crimsonsamura1

    You people know there's a 'male vocalists' tag, right? [2] There just aren't as many good ones.

    März 2015
  • breadysoul

    Even among female vocalists, there are so many different vocal styles that they still can't really be compared. And that's just vocal styles, not even taking the myriad of musical styles into consideration. I still think this is a pointless tag because it's too broad. You could get anyone from Taylor Swift to White Empress to PJ Harvey to Android Lust if you listen to the tag radio.

    Februar 2015
  • tt_reff

    The Woman's voice is the main to listen the music that I hear.

    Februar 2015
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